Sunday, February 13, 2011

Style Stiches : Cosmo Bag

Here is my bag for Style Stiches January project. I have had this bag finished for a week now, but I was so over it once I finished it I had no desire to post it. I had so many issue while making this bag and it really had me wondering if I had the sewing skills to make some of the other bags in the book. If I am having this many problems with the first bag how is it going to be once I get to the end of the book.

So I walked away from it and have really looked at the pattern or the bag since I finished it, once I came back to review the pattern I see why I had so many problems... I don't follow instructions well. I cut fabric wrong multiple times sometimes I noticed  and other's I didn't until it was too late, I didn't stop in the right place, didn't backstiches, and so many other problems. Going back and looking at it I realize that all the problems that I had were stupid mistakes and that I should pay better attention next time. I am looking forward to making another one of these bags right in the near furture.

Even with all of the problems that I had with my Cosmo bag and I am still looking forward to this month's project. I have some Alexander Henry sugar skulls and the green is Michael Miller from Sanctuary. You can't see it in the picutre but the sugar skull has sparkly accents. I went to Mexico last year and they had these everywhere down there and I just fell in love with the style. Hopefully I will get this bag finished over the long weekend.

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Karen said...

I feel your pain. I just finished the Miss Maven Ruffled handbag from the same book.My god, what a challenge.I did ok until i got to the handles and then things turned very ugly. A dear friend helped me finish it yesterday as I was at the point of showing it the garbage bin !! I love the book but find the directions very tricky. I will post the final finish on my blog later today.