Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stash Weeks 3, 4, & 5

Ok so I know that I have been keeping up with posting my stash, but with good reason... I been sewing!


Let's get the big numbers out of the way first, I don't have pictures of everything but it has been half for projects I am currently working on and just for fun.

I had to order additional fabric for my cosmo bag and then there was a sale going on, who was I to say no to a good price on fabric.

I got a few pre-cuts, I have been excited to see both Hideaway and Central Park in person and they both lived up to expectations! Also I have been admiring fandango for awhile and it was on sale so I caved again.

I need to get some yardage to finish my mon ami and a few odds and ends.

Totals : 41 3/4 yards (yikes! all of these sales are killing me...)


This was my project for Judy's UFO group. I did get it finished before the end of January but just barely. I couldn't get a picture with out the dog in it, he thought that someone was about to play with him. I think that this will be a gift for my mother in law's upcoming birthday. While working on it I just felt like this would be something that she would love.

My Cosmo bag for Style Stitches group, I should have know that this one was not going to go well for me from the start but eventually I got it done. I really love the fabric that I picked, the more that I use Momo's fabric the more I love it.

Here is my finished project for Le Petite for January, it was made with Sugar Pop by moda. I keep saying it but I love this collection! The pattern turned out really cute and I hope that someone has a little girl soon so I can use this as a baby quilt.

Totals : 11 yards out

YTD : + 42 1/2 yards
I am hoping that this total is going to start to go down, because I have some tops that I am getting ready to quilt and that should help bring that number down. Also it would help if everyone would stop having such great sales that I am having trouble saying no to.

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