Thursday, June 5, 2008


During the past two days of the Quiltathon I was able to finish sewing the blocks for the OFAH. I forgot that I only cut out enough stars for 20 blocks not 24, so I have to pick out my 4 favorite blocks and cut 4 more blocks. I am hoping to get those finished this weekend and get this top put together. Here are the pictures of the blocks that I have finished, I know the picture aren't that good but its the best that I could do.

I also got this top finished today during the Quiltathon, it is a Moda University kit that I got for Christmas and have been working on recently. I really hoped to get this one done because I have started back to school this week and I have very little free time now. This is my last semester of school so for the next 7 weeks I am going to have very little free time, but that is it and I will be done with school. So there we will be very little quilting going on here, but hopefully at the end of these 7 weeks I will have lots more free time for quilting.