Saturday, July 2, 2011

Le Peitie - June

This month I went with the Recess,  I didn't think that I wanted to deal with all of those HST this month. I chose to stash it this month, I used the pinks from Urban Zoologie as my base and brought in other fabrics from my stash. There is a mix of Bliss, henna garden, castle peeps, verna, Denise Schmidt, MoMo, and a few other random pieces. I love this pattern and I think it turned out really well. The only problem that I had it I spent so much time laying it out because as soon as I looked away my dog was laying on it and messing it up. So I would have to start the process again...

I think that this will make a very sweet quilt for a little girl, as you might be able to tell I love to use this monthly project to stock up on baby quilts. Everyone around me seems to be having babies so it's nice to keep a couple on hand just in case.