Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quilt For An Hour

I am so excited to be able to participate in the new QFAH on I just picked out my fabrics (as an early birthday present) at my local quilt store. It was so much fun going to look at all the different fabrics and this time I had a great experience. I went to two different stores today and one I will not be returning too. I am a young quilter and I look young for my age so when I go into some quilting stores the women who are working there make me feel like I don't belong. This one particular store that I went into first, I have visited a few times and everytime that I have gone the people who are working there are not friendly and give me looks the entire time I am in the store. Today when I came in the store the women up front just looked at me and didn't greet me they just stared. The second store that I went into today the ladies were so helpful and gave me great advice. The difference between the two stores was that the first one I felt so uncomfortable I wouldn't have asked for help and the second store they came up to me and made me feel like they wanted my business.

Now that I have vented lets see the fabric. Since I don't have the stash like many other quilters because I am fairly new to quilting. I still have to go out to buy fabric for new projects, darn :)

The green fabric is going to be my dark background, the dots will be the light background, and the stripe will be the binding. My stars are going to come from these six fabrics. I have to order some fabric online and I may pick 1 or 2 more fabrics for the stars.


Marilyn said...

I saw your blog listed at Judy L's for the QFAH. I am thrilled that you are quilting! I am sorry that you received the treatment you did. Maybe those ladies just don't know how to relate to younger people and their quilting interest. Your fabrics are fantastic and again (clapping) I am celebrating a new quilter. I belong to a quilting group that meets and hand quilts just like the old time quilting bees. Some of them have the idea that hand quilting is the only way. Too bad for them! They also say that quilting is a dying art. No way!

thegoldenneedle said...

This is a phrase I keep in mind that someone once told me. "Quilting ain't an old lady sport anymore". That doesn't fit me as I'm middle'aged but its something to remember. My DD (age 19) had the same problem when she goes into a quilt shop. A couple of places have treated her very rudely, one time she had even walked in carrying 3 bags of quilts (she delivers for me) and they still treated to rudely!!

I look forward to seeing your progress on Quilt for an hour. You fabric choices look yummy!

Karen L

Suze said...

You have some wonderful fabrics there. That is going to be a great quilt.

Kathy Wagner said...

I LOVE your fabric choices! I will follow your blog to see how the quilt turns out!

Amanda said...

Hi, Amanda! I saw you listed on Judy's QFAH.

I love the fabrics that you chose!

I don't know how old you are, but with more and more schools offering fashion and design classes or teaching young people how to sew, you would think that quilt shops would be excited about young people coming into their store. It's their loss!

I saw you adorable dog on your blog header. What breed is your dog? I have a dog, and they kind of look alike. I rescued her. The vet says that she is part labador retriever part Basenji.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

GREAT choice of fabrics! And don't feel badly about having a stash - that is actually can be a GOOD thing because you get to buy the latest and greatest fabrics when you start a quilt instead of looking at what you have and trying to make odds & ends work together. MANY of us are trying to BUST our stash so we can be in the lucky position you are in - getting to buy fabric guilt-free!! And quilt shops? Stick with the friendly ones! I make lots of quilts, but one store I USED to shop at does not like it when I bring my Little Boy with me - so I just don't go there anymore. There is another store that has a TOY box there and that is my favorite store, even though it is smaller and has less selection, they are NICE. So, I know what you are talking about!